Fertility Calendar for Android
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In addition to displaying your fertile days on a calendar, only Conception exclusively offers these features:

What is Conception?

Conception is a fertility calendar. Once a month you inform Conception when your period starts. Conception then calculates your fertile days for the rest of the month. These are the days on which you should make love in order to conceive a child.

Not all fertile days are equal - some fertile days are more likely to produce a boy baby and others are more likely to produce a girl baby. Because of this, Conception also informs you of the days that have a higher chance of resulting in a boy baby and those days that have a higher chance of resulting in a girl baby.

Feel free to try it before you buy it - you can download the trial version and use it for 30 days. Conception works on Android phones and tablets running at least Android 2.2. Please read the user manual for a more thorough look at the functionality that Conception provides.

Choose the sex of your baby

Conception calculates and displays your fertile days on a calendar. In addition to showing you which days are fertile, Conception will also shade your fertile days in RED and BLUE. The more RED shades, the higher the chance of a conceiving a girl baby, the more BLUE the higher the chance of conceiving a boy baby.

Not only will Conception shade in the calendar on the appropriate days in the appropriate colors, Conception will also alert you to the days by means of a notification icon. The icon will be a symbol signifying not fertile OR fertile for a boy baby OR fertile for a girl baby. You need not start Conception daily simply to learn your fertility status.

the screenshots of Conception in action.

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Automatically alert you to important days

Which days are important to you? The ones on which you are fertile? The ones which have a better chance of giving you a boy? The ones that are better for a girl? How about the ones on which you are not fertile at all?

Conception runs in the background, always on and always alert to what day it is. Even after you have closed the Conception application, the notification icon at the top of the screen remains. Each day this icon is updated to reflect your current fertility status. Every single day, Conception will update this icon to one of the following images:
Not Fertile
Fertile - high chance of boy baby
Fertile - high chance of a girl baby
Fertile - equal chance of a boy or girl baby

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Complete privacy protection

Conception doesn't have permission to access the internet. Due to this restriction, Conception is unable to mine your private data, or transmit your data anywhere. This is entirely intentional. You do not have to rely on promises that Conception will respect your privacy because Conception cannot transmit your data anyway.

Your privacy is guaranteed by the simple fact that Android will prevent Conception from accessing the internet.

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You don't like the way Conception looks? Not a problem - Conception comes with different themes that change the way it looks. You can change Conception to look very different and to suit your aesthetic and comfort needs. See an example of the themes at the screenshots page.

Conception comes with three builtin themes, but more will be added as user feedback comes in. If you have an idea for a theme, please write and let me know.