Biological Clock

Biological clock is a graphical display of the female menstrual cycle. Each `tick' on the clock-face represents a single day of the cycle, with the 6-o-clock position being the start of the cycle and the 12-o-clock position being the day of ovulation.

As can be seen from the image, the needle points to the current day of the cycle. When the needle is:

The user interface is simple - the female simply selects "Reset" on the first day of her period each month. If she forgets to do so, then she can select the "Set Last Period Date" menu item to set the date that her last period started.

As this is proposed as a study (see here), this download is free and not complete. As it stands, no data will be transmitted when the user selects "transmit data", although the clock itself will reset.

Please send comments, flames or (even better) funding to lelanthran at gmail (you know the rest!). As of writing, I've not yet attempted looking for funding to initiate this project, so be the first to get your name in this :-)

Download the JAD File
Download the JAR File